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15 Views - Published on 11 Oct, 2021
⁣This poem is from my 2nd book, "The Journey Ahead or Behind. ⁣ Problems, everyone has them. It doesn’t matter who You are. Old - Young - Rich or Poor At
various points of our lives we will face challenges. The difference is
in how we attempt to handle them. Some will take each one on, even when
they just keep coming like it is nothing. Some will stress out as they
are taking care of business at the same time. And some will completely
break down within. You see, for some due to psychological or mental
dysfunctioning, just getting through normal dailysituations is tough at
times. Bill was one of those in this last category. He had recently
gotten a couple of tickets and was waiting for his court date.
Bill had also recently gotten married and as it happens sometimes, this
didn’t seem to be working out well either. And for those who suffer from
depression like me or Bill, we never know when or what may trigger or
set it off. On the night of November 18th of 1993, Bill and his wife
went to the bar to have a few drinks. Upon arriving home, they had
gotten into an argument and 15 minutes Later, Bill ended his life.
His explanation was a note that basically said he was sorry for being such a
loser. I had known Bill for 22 years.
While writing this for You, although it has been 27 years, I still
remember and felt the pain and confusion of that moment when my wife
told me the news. There are no words that can express the emotions in me
at that moment. The tear that fell from my eye while writing this said
it best. Not for Bills Death, But for all the Lives his Memory has
Changed or Saved through the Poems that are all a Part ofThe Journey,
Including Mine. No My Friends~I Celebrate His Life~
Thank You All for Listening toThese Poems and Stories~
~And for Simply Being YOU~
God Bless and Best Wishes to You All ~Peace~
James Lagoski

James Lagoski

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