Onevsp Moderation Policy

Flagging & Reporting

Should you feel that any of the content violates the Terms of Use and Guidelines, then please kindly flag or report it via the content reporting tools.

FAQ’s about how we at ONEVSP moderate content and apply sanctions:

Questions Answers
Q1. What do I do if I find content that is harmful, incites violence or hatred that should be prohibited under UK and European Law? A1. If you find content that you deem is harmful to minors, incites violence or hatred then you can submit your complaint by pressing the flag button which will display the following drop downs:
  • Copyright infringement
  • Violence
  • Self-harm
  • Spam
  • Hate Speech
  • Terrorism
*Please note – you do not need to be logged in to flag this content
Q2. Once it has been flagged and submitted what happens? A2. The submitted complaint will pop up in the reported videos section on Admin (intelligence desk)
Q3. How often does Admin check the reported videos section? A3. It is checked daily and dealt with by Admin.
Q4. What does the Admin person do with the video? A4. Checks by viewing the video that is in breach of our terms of use and if it breaks our rules, we delete it immediately.
Q5. As a result, what happens to the person who posted the harmful video? A5. The person in breach will be informed and given a written warning.
Q6. What response does the person who flagged it receive? A6. We do not always know who flagged it. Especially if it is a user who is not signed in. If signed in, we have their ID reference and therefore acknowledge their complaint has been dealt with.
Q7. At what point do we ban the person who keeps posting illegal content? A7. Depending on severity, they can be immediately banned or given up to 3 warnings and banned on the third.
Q8. Are there cases where we need to report the person to the relevant authorities? A8. Depending on severity, we can report them, or authorities may ask us for details, again depending on severity of the video being shared