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WDA PCR a Test Too Far OCT 23 2020

6 K Views - Published on 24 Oct, 2020
⁣⁣93% of “cases” of covid-19 may be false positives. The PCR Test is used to record covid-19 “cases”.

What we were told:

Dominic Raab, UK First Secretary of State: The false positive rate is very high. Only 7% of tests will be successful in identifying those that actually have the virus.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson: COVID Tests are 93% inaccurate. It only works in 7% of the cases.

Dr Mike Yeadon, Former Chief Scientific Adviser for Pfizer:

All or a substantial part of these positives could be due to what’s called false positive tests.

Kary Mullis, Inventor of PCR test: With PCR if you do it well you can find almost anything in anybody. It doesn’t tell you that you are sick.

PCR testing is causing unnecessary lockdowns, curfews and untold suffering. Please sign our open letter to end lockdowns and corona virus restrictions. Please share and consider donating to our costs at www.worlddoctorsalliance.com
World Doctors Alliance

World Doctors Alliance

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