day trading the chart

Code 6 Trading Indicator 95 Percent Accuracy

35 Views - Published on 26 Nov, 2021
⁣I took two Code 6 trades within a 24 hour period. Each were successful. One for 75 ticks the other 41 ticks. Code 6 has close to a 100% accuracy rate, it's one of the most accurate codes there is and for good reason. It's also one of the most popular. All codes 1-7 have their own unique advantage, for many people Code 6 comes at a good time and is so accurate you really don't need any other codes. To learn more about Code 6 go here:
More instruments are coming for Code 6. If you trade stocks look at Code 1 & 5. If you don't like the time period on Code 6 look at Code 7 instead, it's also really super good.
Take your trading to a whole new level using the codes......
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Day Trading The Chart
Day Trading The Chart

Day Trading The Chart

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