The “Virus” HOAX to cover up the depopulation agenda through transhumanism nanotechnology.

408 Views - Published on 12 Apr, 2021
We have been lied to about almost everthing. The year 2020 will go back in history as the "great awakening". The year that Conspiracies were not theories anymore, but hard facts. In so many fields, disciplines, people started to dig in the many rabbit holes.

A team of people joined forces to set goals to facilite the awakening process, the awareness amongst the people to do research and to make it public. Those who want to control us are evil, to say the least. They have started the depopulatio process and the transhumanisation process where the satanic cult want to take our souls away. This small group has vowed to help to turn the tide by opning the eyes of the people for them to understand what they will face if we aquiesce. And this we will not.

We promote this film for the public to learn and to be prepated for what is coming. To change the revolution of awakening and to turn the tide from dark to good!

⁣an Eyeopener film


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