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HypGnosis - Warzone

39 Views - Published on 13 Sep, 2020
⁣Transcendental Matrix is my first album. Featuring an eclectic collection of music, there is something for everyone on this album. Unless you happen to be a corrupt politician, globalist bankster, or an evil entity, then this album probably isn't for you.

This is a power song, for those times when the will of the warrior has to come into play. I find when I perform it can clear the room of weak negativity that may be lurking around.



Instrumental Produced By Crossbreed:


Looking after my mind like it’s a strong hold,
In the middle of a warzone.
Gotta guard my mind from all these thought forms,
In all of there different forms.
Consistent attention infinite awareness,
Perhaps for them you shouldn’t care less.
Its my ego they like to caress,
And they just wanna see me end up in a mess.
For those who want to invade my mind,
I say fuck you, this mind is mine.
I take back any permissions I may of given,
Back to the lower realms you will be driven.
Do not fuck with me and my energies,
For I am a true warrior of divinity.
Sent to this place we call earth,
To witness humanity's rebirth.
Yeah the future may not be pretty,
With many still asleep, what a pity.
For this is no time for going to sleep,
The programming of humans goes deep.
People don’t believe what they can’t see,
It doesn’t exist if its not in physicality.
Forgetting the fact we see so little with our eyes,
Could well be a part of our demise.

But still while I have a breath in my body,
And a soul that wants to embody.
I will never stop in the quest of evolution,
To assists those that seek liberation.
For those who want to walk the path,
Train your mind, don’t be daft.
Sink deep into your own gut,
Incoming negativity, keep your door shut.
For the warriors who are in the war,
If you haven’t already, walk through the door.
Claim what is rightfully yours,
So you don’t become extinct like the dinosaurs.

Consistent negativity,
Persistent hostility,
Get the fuck out of my reality.

I make the choice that was unchosen,
And now your power is frozen,
No more traps of agreement,
For I choose my own freedom.

You thought you could trick me,
Trying to gain a foothold in my reality.
Now your plan just back fired,
For I am coming back, with the fire.
I judo flipped your invasion,
Factored you out of the equation.
Now I am even stronger than before,
Solidified in my core.
For that I actually have to thank you,
For your trained me, now I have a clue.
Providing friction for me to work on,
Are you scared yet, you fucking archon.
I call upon the powers of the divine,
To get you back inline.
I’m going to rewrite my timeline,
Then freedom will be mine.
Brothers, sisters, use your freewill,
Develop it just like a skill.
Lets take back our reality,
And blast away these archonic entities.


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