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Dr Mike Yeadon Ex Pfizer Chief Science Adviser 11-48 AM · Nov 2, 2020

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⁣Dr Mike Yeadon PHDEx Chief Science Adviser for Pfizer Twitter @MichaelYeadon3
11:48 AM · Nov 2, 2020

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Hello I’m Dr Mike Yeadon
I have a PHD in Biological Sciences
and 32 years’ experience in the
pharmaceutical industry and in biotech.
I believe that the pandemic in UK
concluded at the end of the summer.
I think that because about 30 percent of us had prior immunity to the virus
and slightly over 30 percent more
have become immune having been infected and recovered.
if that’s true then there are too few
remaining susceptible people
to support the kind of outbreak that we are told is now going on
so there’s a problem.
I think the PCR test at present is throwing up so many false positives
that in fact we’re misdiagnosing the cause of the deaths that are being reported
The number of deaths at the moment
is normal for the time of year.
So if I’m right and the pandemic
is fundamentally over
What’s going on?
And I think quite simply it’s not overbecause SAGE says it’s not!
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