RISE WITH BNT 138 | Ricky Reel Murder | Brianna Ghey | Big Tech | AI | Darkside: P Diddy

14 K Views - Published on 17 Feb, 2023
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⁣▶Weaponisation Of Brianna Ghey ▶Ricky Reel's Unsolved Death ▶Nicola Bulley - Week 3 ▶Boarding School Abuse ▶Big Tech & Govt. Overreach ▶Darkside: P Diddy ▶Witchcraft & Satanism
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 F B Avatar
F B - 7 months ago
Was he married to jlo?

 Craig Campbell Avatar
Craig Campbell - 7 months ago
Great show SP

 Kwatcha Avatar
Kwatcha - 7 months ago
The boarding school guy - what is his website?

 marvellousMsVee Avatar
marvellousMsVee - 7 months ago
Hi Sonia, great show as always. I mentioned Jessie Czebotar as someone that would be great to interview if she agrees. She’s a former high level Illuminati who was being trained for one of the highest positions and has an amazing depth of info on all their rituals, symbols, SRA and more. She tells accounts of hanging out with Hilary Clinton and Prince Philip! Her website is She also appears on Aquarious rising Africa frequently: Hope you manage to get hold of her. HKV.

 Dave Thompson Avatar
Dave Thompson - 7 months ago
Thank you Sonia and BNT team

 shin Avatar
shin - 7 months ago
Catching up finally... FF17 online... child ready 4 bed... Wow! nuff info Sonia... The Puffy days, I had left the world of rap by then to become the singer songwriter I am now... I've got my song 4 2moro... DEEP DOWN... Cuz da world of rap never left me !!! Puffy yeah wow...

 shin Avatar
shin - 7 months ago

 shin Avatar
shin - 7 months ago
Deep the show! As for baphomet, when turned we get "tem - ohp - ab" which is latin : "templi omnium hominum pacis abbas" which SHOULD translate to "the father of every man’s temple of peace" (not the abbot of the temple of all men of peace)... my camerawoman said...

 RaRa Avatar
RaRa - 7 months ago
I very much wanted to go to boarding school. That speaks volumes. Excellent show.

 RomfordBloke Avatar
RomfordBloke - 7 months ago
Great show as ever Sonia, and Bev was certainly worth the wait! x