RISE WITH BNT 124 - Sonia is joined by the CEO of BNT today (1st LIVE show back:)

82 K Views - Published on 30 Dec, 2022
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2022 Reflections: Speaker, Publisher Emma Jane Taylor: International Child Abuse | Professor Michael Naughton: Miscarriages of Justice: Freeman, Bamber, Garbutt | 'Money Men' Godfrey Bloom and Alasdair Macleod - WEF to Central Bank Digital Currency | Clive de Carle - How To Be Healthier: mRNA to Magnesium | Therapist Lucinda Lidstone - Our Year At Rise | BNT CEO Muhammad Butt - BNT Updates & The Evolution Of This Platform
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 Muhammad Hilal Avatar
Muhammad Hilal - 1 year ago
Great to Rise BNT back.

 Asid Avatar
Asid - 1 year ago
Welcome back!

 Krissmit Avatar
Krissmit - 1 year ago
Great to have you back live again Sonia! Thank you xxx

 Peter64 Avatar
Peter64 - 1 year ago
hey you are back live

 Ullah Avatar
Ullah - 1 year ago
nice to see you live

 Peter64 Avatar
Peter64 - 1 year ago
hey you are back live

 DTB63 Avatar
DTB63 - 1 year ago
Love the show…. The Boxing Day show was AMAZING, love your guests and will be watching many more!!! Sending good vibes and good health 🙏🏻♥️

 Gummy10 Avatar
Gummy10 - 1 year ago
Welcome back RISE with BNT. Another fantastic show ♡

 Craig Campbell Avatar
Craig Campbell - 1 year ago
A live Rise. Welcome back.

 portland133 Avatar
portland133 - 1 year ago
I am in my mid 60s and a great follower of BNT I have not had any Covid jabs I have a degree in nutrition I take numerous supplements - VITs C 3G / E1000iu Minerals Selenium / Magnesium Your recent guest Clive de Carle speaks well on supplementation and the benefits of NAC and Quercetin Pharma is big business and people should eat well and use supplements ie PMT there are 4 different sorts A = Anxiety B= Bloating C= Craving D = Depression some suffer more than 1 - each needs different supplements ie Health issues such as anxiety and depression can be greatly reduced by the amino acid Theanine My only dissapointment from Clive is that his website wants £70 per annum for membership I would have been happy to join and share my knowledge on supplements for others to follow for FREE - But for me to pay £70 sadly Im out. His website for supplements the cost per items are insanely expensive- Way way above the price asked -

 countryboy Avatar
countryboy - 1 year ago
Fantastic to have you back Sonia and the gang,really missed your show.Been with you from the start and will continue to support BNT, all credit to BNT.

 mick ackroyd Avatar
mick ackroyd - 1 year ago
Loverly your back live. Missed you and your pal Sean. Onward and upwards.x

 mick ackroyd Avatar
mick ackroyd - 1 year ago
Were is the CEO BNT cup

 mick ackroyd Avatar
mick ackroyd - 1 year ago
Were is the CEO BNT cup

 humancreative Avatar
humancreative - 1 year ago
!-))) missing the pre hacked days truly but love and support always 2 all@bnt