RISE WITH BNT 146 | Establishment: We're The Power | Covid Divorces | Snoop Dogg | New Fascists

36 K Views - Published on 17 Mar, 2023
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⁣▶Searchlight to Hope Not Hate: How the anti-fascists became the fascists ▶Medical Research Council: Destruction of a charity ▶Govt & Monarchy: Do you know how much power you have? ▶Separate Ways: Covid Divorces ▶Dark Side: Snoop Dogg
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 MimilLane Avatar
MimilLane - 8 months ago
Morning Bev. You are wondrous. Men can never be women Mimi Lane xx

 LdnLady Avatar
LdnLady - 8 months ago
Didn’t wake until 9am. Maybe watching Indian Wells tennis all night doesn’t help. So glad there’s a catch up. Hello Risers & thanks Sonia for the show

 nash Avatar
nash - 8 months ago
hi ya my dear lady, posted your link a few times, hope its going better, x

 nash Avatar
nash - 8 months ago
you know i really dont get this trans thing, i get it that ya dont want to mess about with how the youth develope, but i'm thinking if a guy puts on a dress, whats the big deal, if a female puts on a donky jacket n boots, whats the issue, femenine men and butch females have always been a thing, i'm 62 year old male and i dont get what the fuss is all about, any ideas,

 nash Avatar
nash - 8 months ago
live love life folks

 Laura Biding Avatar
Laura Biding - 8 months ago
What Sonia read from 'Lisa' to Lucinda could have come straight from me. Not my husband in my case, but a very close friend of many years. He has completely fallen for the covid scam in every way and I now feel I have nothing in common with him. In fact, I get very angry just thinking about him and don't want to speak at length with him about anything in case I can't stop myself saying what I feel. I am constantly watching videos and listening to podcasts from people who know what went on and is still going on and I desperately want to share these things with my friend, but he would rather pooh-pooh the messenger than listen to what they are saying. I would rather distance myself from my friend, but that would hurt him and so I feel I'm living a lie. I don't really know where to go from here. I have absolutely nothing in common with someone who willingly took the jabs and went for all the boosters and who still believes the government narrative as to what happened over the last three years. I have zero respect for this person.

 Amandasharp Avatar
Amandasharp - 8 months ago
Hey I made it was so desperate to send soo much love to you Sonia peas in a pod can't keep our gobs shut love you soo much we finally have contact 💖 bless you sweetheart I love you and your honesty 💖 💗 ❤️

 Myferilli Avatar
Myferilli - 8 months ago
Not sure who wrote the report Bev was talking about, however while the passage concerning the UK may be accurate, regarding Hungary it contains false information. There is no restrictions on freedom of speech and freedom of press in my home country. We have an amazing anti-globalist government that has been demonised by the globalist media everywhere and in every way. Opposition parties can and do protest, their press can say whatever they want. The reason behind their being so unsuccessful in the past decade is that they serve their globalist overlords and Hungary’s freedom loving people have none of that.

 bill Avatar
bill - 8 months ago
Hate not Hope has been more apt for several years.

 Nutmegg Avatar
Nutmegg - 8 months ago
Sonia, Apropos a different subject altogether, can I suggest to you that you have a chat with an amazing Welsh lady, name of Kathryn Watkins? Her website =. She has recently uploaded a passionate video (uploaded on March 12th - see the videos page on her site), accompanied by a government document, outlining in graphic detail what is being taught to children in Wales and likely elsewhere as well. It is appalling stuff and she is a very articulate and rightfully angry young woman who has kids. An interview between Kathryn and yourself would be welcomed by a lot of parents who are trying to fight for the safety of their children. I urge you to contact her and bring her information to your audience. All the best to you.

 Rememberwhoyouare Avatar
Rememberwhoyouare - 8 months ago
Re Lucinda, relationships and washing up. I heard a great saying once - Women need to feel loved to have sex. Men need to have sex to feel loved. They do have to start with the dishes!! ;)