Australian TV Channel Drops Truth Bombs on COVID Deaths

3 K Views - Published on 11 Aug, 2022
⁣"The virus hasn't been as deadly as once feared. In the state's first six months of Omicron, there were 192 deaths from 902,000 cases. Only 18 of them were caused by Covid alone."
I know that a case isn't a case. I only consider people ill who fear ill. The fraudulent PCR test doesn't say much.
However, considering that 18 people out of 902,000 cases died from (!!!) Covid within the presented period, we'd be talking about a disease-specific mortality rate of 0,0019%.
That's nothing compares to the increased age-adjusted mortality rate that lockdowns, measures, and mass vaccination have caused. Even the likelihood of dying from a mosquito bite is higher.


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