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Aria speaks out about her ritual abuse by the British establishment

200 Views - Published on 06 Sep, 2020
⁣As a child, Aria witnessed members of the British establishment participating in the organised sexual-abuse of children. In London, during the 1990s, Aria was taken to ceremonies in the UK where she was ritually abused together with other children.

Aria talks with Phoenix about her abuse at several locations, including temples in London, a shop in Brighton, and in an apartment above a Russell and Bromley shoe shop in Richmond, London. Aria's experiences indicate that organized groups of abusers operate across the UK.

Both Aria's father and her uncle were members of a cult, and participated in rituals specifically designed to traumatize Aria and prevent her from speaking out.

Aria also describes witnessing the ritual murder of animals and children, as well as other techniques used by these groups to control and scare children. These techniques included: Near drowning and then 'rescuing (to create a trauma-bond); spinning and forced-perpetration.
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