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Your greatest work is to reunite your that you and that man should respect each other

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⁣⁣ The spiritual messengers of God were sent from the Father for the one who asked Him (when he spoke his farewell words in in Jonh chapters 13-17 and said he will return).

A prophecy was spoken the night of September 10, 1970, (Arizona time, USA, which was September 11 in the Middle East) after Yasser Arafat hijacked four passengers jets and was plotting to blow up three in Jordan within two days, igniting the Black September war. Could this have been a warning or a prequel to the attacks on 9-11-2001 by jet airliners on the World Trade Center in New York and on the Pentagon, igniting the "war on terror" separating the minds of men today on Earth?

Here are the words spoken by spiritual messengers of God, September 10, 1970: "And we should tell thee that we are not great, that we are only messengers from our Father, and only as our Father should give us of this information, should we, in turn, be able to give it unto you. And of the Cherub, the Cherub shall be the seven angels which hover above thy earth on which our Father has given His power....

"For it has been written that He would send unto Earth two prophets before the coming of the seven angels." [See The Revelation 11:3-13.]

"Now the angels wait above thy earth, and what has been written shall be." [See The Revelation, chapters 14‑15.]

"Your earth shall change its form, for the great Sword shall strike upon it of both sides, for now is the battle of the minds of men." [See The Revelation 19:5‑21.]

"Remember, your greatest work is to reunite all your religions unto one, and, by doing so, not to change a man's faith, but so that thy and that man should respect each other's religion and your worship of God in such as way that each of you may enter our Father's many mansions in his own way. But your love for your fellow man shall be such that even though he enters our Father's kingdom in a different way from yours, you should help him to enter. Therefore, you shall put him above the ladder, above yourself, and by doing so, you should climb tenfold."

This important guidance may help us to know how to change the course of our world, and bring peace on Earth.

April 8, 1977, the spiritual messengers of God added: "⁣"Join hands. Link together. Strength.⁣ If upon this day, every one of the people upon the earth who believe in the Second Coming link their hands together, in no way could this Anti-Christ rule. It is only in your ⁣strength shall mean the shortness of his time."

To learn more about how the spiritual messengers of God, Aka, arrived with the brightest light in the heavens days before April 3, 1970, when they began to speak to us, see ⁣

⁣Hear more of their words at the Association of Universl Philosophy channel on YouTube –

Would you like to join in the Association the angels asked us to form? Here's how – ⁣
Aka spiritual messengers of God

Aka spiritual messengers of God

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