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⁣Rachael & Diny - Vaccine Control Group: Collecting Essential Data on the Unvaccinated

1 K Views - Published on 13 Feb, 2023
We are delighted to welcome two wonderful ladies to Hearts of Oak. We have followed the great work of the Vaccine Control Group from the beginning of the Covid chaos, so the founders Rachael and Diny join us to discuss the journey and growth of this assemblage that seeks to show and oppose the lies of the mRNA experimental gene therapy injection. The people originally allocated by the pharmaceutical companies to be part of a control group for the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, have almost all been vaccinated now meaning that the official, long term control group for the Covid vaccine research no longer exists. In to this gap stepped Rachael and Diny who had a vision to collect the long-term health data of the vax-free from every country, to provide the missing control group to the SARS-CoV-2 vaccinated; thus enabling independent and transparent, comparative analysis of the mass vaccination policy. It has grown exponentially all across the world as it meets and addresses a need, not only does it record the data for the unvaccinated, it also acts as a declaration of your 'pureblood' status and participation in the control group. This is a call to action for every SARS-CoV-2 vaccine-free individual in the world to join together in the most important study of our time – this is your opportunity to do something incredibly important for the future of your children by standing up to be a valuable and active participant of the world’s largest and truly independent control group. Link to Robert Verkerk PhD study discussed during the episode... - Self-Selected COVID-19 “Unvaccinated” Cohort Reports Favorable Health Outcomes and Unjustified Discrimination in Global Survey: “The Vaccine Control Group is a worldwide, independent, long-term study that is seeking to provide a baseline of data from unvaccinated individuals for comparative analysis with the vaccinated population, to evaluate the success of the Covid-19 mass vaccination program and assist future research projects. This study is not, and will never be, associated with any pharmaceutical enterprise as its impartiality is of paramount importance.” Get involved today at the following links... - Website: - Pre-registration page for new Covid injected participants to join: - Community: - Telegram: - Twitter: - Facebook: - GETTR: Interview recorded 6.2.23 Audio Podcast version available on Podbean and all major podcast directories. ⁣ To sign up for our weekly email, find our social media, podcasts, video, livestreaming platforms and more
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