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Robert W Malone MD - Part 2: Personal Attacks and Smears: Dr Malone Responds

7 K Views - Published on 20 Feb, 2024
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⁣Dr Malone has faced an avalanche of personal attacks since he has begun to speak out. He has not been one of the late comers to opposing the Covid Tyranny which some people use as an excuse to call out as "controlled opposition" (a term I hate to use). Dr Malone's professional record makes him a stand out voice on the Covid Tyranny and the mRNA jab. Dr Malone goes through some of the attacks he has faced and addresses them straight on. This episode gives a glimpse of Dr Malone that you very rarely see. An honest, open and personal conversation that will inspire you to be a speaker of truth despite the opposition you may face. FALLOUT PODCAST https://www.theepochtimes.com/epochtv/fallout In recent years, we’ve seen a crisis in our institutions, a rupturing of our public health systems, and increasing efforts to control what we say and think. Join us as we push the Overton window and dive into some of the most pressing issues of our time in “Fallout,” a new and exclusive EpochTV production. Dr. Robert Malone is a physician and scientist, and holds numerous key patents in the fields of gene delivery, delivery formulations, and vaccines. He is the author of “Lies My Gov't Told Me: And the Better Future Coming.” Jan Jekielek is a Senior Editor with The Epoch Times and host of the show, “American Thought Leaders.” Connect with Dr Malone... X https://twitter.com/RWMaloneMD?s=20 GETTR https://gettr.com/user/rwmalonemd MEDIA https://www.malonebroadcasting.com/ WEBSITE https://www.rwmalonemd.com/ https://maloneinstitute.org/ SUBSTACK https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/ Interview recorded 12.2.24 Connect with Hearts of Oak... WEBSITE https://heartsofoak.org/ PODCASTS https://heartsofoak.podbean.com/ SOCIAL MEDIA https://heartsofoak.org/connect/ Support Hearts of Oak by purchasing one of our fancy T-Shirts.... SHOP https://heartsofoak.org/shop/
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