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Galapagos on ANCIENT map of the AMERICAS - Petra, Jordan

46 Views - Published on 19 Aug, 2020
⁣This is the LEFT WALL on the ANCIENT MAP - at the "Urn Tomb", Petra, JORDAN.,-87.69844001,-34.9171242a,2401377.70111084d,35y,0h,0t,0r
[The room is an ancient 3D-IMMERSIVE MAP - This is the left wall within this room. Other walls contain other areas that are impossible to have been seen by man, unless he was looking down from SPACE. Which includes a viewpoint that sees the ocean floor.] The wall gave me such a feeling of it being "The greatest reveal ever!", that I felt like I did - as a child, when seeing Damien Thorn's face on Yigael's Wall at Tel Megiddo in the movie "The Omen."
Tri-Lambda Delta

Tri-Lambda Delta

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