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53 K Views - Published on 16 Oct, 2023
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News Review: Montgomery Toms - Dealing with the 'Trans Agenda' at University The Circus of a Starmer vs Sunak General Election Ash Bennett aka Dutty Monkey - My Covid Activism and Controlled OPs Opera Singer Charlotte Akenhead - Heading to the Welsh National Opera Health Supremo Clive De Carle - back with his crucial advice Plus all the usual Rise news and views and the Risers on the livestream
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 Francs Avatar
Francs - 5 months ago
Morning Sonia and all, been hitting the gym but still watching this amazing show!

 hootyowl Avatar
hootyowl - 5 months ago
Can't always get you live. Afternoon here. Take care all. Can't get chat unfortunately.

 Drumstick Avatar
Drumstick - 5 months ago
Excellent as always, Sonia! You're right, Sean was on fire today..! :-)

 duncan smith Avatar
duncan smith - 5 months ago
There isn't a politician in the world or anyone from the truth community qualified to change the world because as Devamrita Swami said , "Krishna consciousness is the qualification to change the world ".