⁣Prof. Delores Cahill, Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude, mRNA Vaccine

Prof. ⁣Dolores Cahill and Dr. Alexandra H. Caude on the mRNA vaccine

1 K Views - Published on 05 Feb, 2021
⁣Prof. Delores Cahill, French Geneticist/ Scientist, Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude.

⁣Dr. Dolores Cahill, PhD, is a Molecular Biologist/Immunologist and Professor at the University College of Dublin in Ireland.

The ⁣University College Dublin (UCD) professor was asked to resign from a leading European Union scientific committee over online claims she made about the Covid-19 pandemic.

⁣Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Claude is one of the top experts of RNA in France.




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