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Pfizer Batch Codes and Toxicity

34 K Views - Published on 04 Dec, 2021
⁣⁣Its the question of everyones lips.
Well, I'll try and provide an answer.

I downloaded the list of all Pfizer batch codes from the VAERS database, and counted their associated adverse reactions.
These batch codes were then ordered alpha-numerically - and this sequence formed the horizontal x-axis of the graph
The y-axis was the number of adverse reaction reports for each batch.

The graph showed that many batches cluster together alpha numerically - forming vertical columns of batches - because they share very similar batch codes.
The graph also showed that the batches also cluster together in terms of toxicity - forming distinct toxic ranges.

I decided to investigate a bit deeper. I obtained a list of every batch number for Pfizer found in VAERS, and ordered the batch sequence by number of adverse reactions.

Amazingly, the most toxic Pfizer batches all possessed batch codes that formed a neat mathematical squence -












I went on to identify several additional ranges of toxicity, each one identified by similar sequences of batch codes.

This indicated that Pfizer had labelled vaccine that had similar toxic levels with batch codes belonging to a common sequence. They did this so they would know the dosages given to each subject, so they could monitor the effects of each dosage level.

So it appears that the adverse reactions, deaths and disabilities resulting from the vaccines for some people, are not random, but the result of variation in the toxicity of the vaccine batches. And this variation is not an accident, but a carefully planned experiment - where each toxic level was clearly labelled.

Pfizer was experimenting upon the American people. Many were injured. Many were killed. They were measuring the efficacy and lethal limits of an experimental vaccine without disclosing the dangers to the American public - without any informed consent.

On a practical level, those intending to take any vaccine from Pfizer should endeavour to find out the batch code first. Some are extremely toxic - producing upto 5000 x the number of adverse reaction reports - compared to 70% of the batches that only produce a single adverse reaction report.


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