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⁣⁣🌅News Review with Nick Cotton at Jack’d ⁣➡The Continued Silence Around The Dan Wootton Allegations ⁣➡Jam4Freedom ⁣➡Heat Pumps https://www.jackd.uk ⁣🌅Nickita Starck from When Push Comes To Shove on Natural Childbirth ⁣➡“Pregnancy is over-medicalised, it’s not a disease.” https://www.whenpushcomestoshove.co.uk Song: 'Breathe Again' ⁣https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FlEUr7lK5Q ⁣🌅Dinny Collins ⁣➡Continuing our Bitcoin exploration https://bitcoinwithdinny.com/about ⁣🌅Clive de Carle ⁣➡Back to answer the questions we didn’t have time for when he was last on! ⁣https://clivedecarle.com Email: ⁣[email protected] ⁣🌅Author & Spiritual Truth Teller Mark Attwood: ⁣➡‘God Wins – Spiritual War Poetry 2020-2022’https://themarkattwoodshow.com
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 LdnLady Avatar
LdnLady - 7 months ago
Didn’t wake until 8;30 , better late than never eh? At least we have the privilege of catch up. Happy week everybody

 Drumstick Avatar
Drumstick - 7 months ago
Great episode, Sonia+Sean! My favorite guest today was Mark Attwood. He could easily be a returning guest to the show, because he obviously had a lot experience. Awesome poems, as well! PS: I miss being able to join you live, but I do enjoy watching the show later.

 Ivywild Avatar
Ivywild - 7 months ago
There are certain things with mind blowing truths we are put in prison in some countries for. These I think are a catalyst to truth and today. David Irving is a the best place to start. And dont demonise me until you've listened and read David Irving. Then make up your own mind. You could call this spreading the word. Because freedom of debate is NECESSARY HERE TO UNDERSTAND TODAY

 Ivywild Avatar
Ivywild - 7 months ago
I bet he's afraid of learning about what David Irving has to say? Then again. I guess we have to wait until the sensitive masses are willing to listen.

 Ivywild Avatar
Ivywild - 7 months ago
Great show

 Ivywild Avatar
Ivywild - 7 months ago
Buy the book.... Put it in a steel box and bury it..... Then go to your grave knowing you've done your bit...... The new God Text! For future generations to build on

 Peter64 Avatar
Peter64 - 7 months ago
Just to say what a brilliant show. I missed it going out live as I was on holiday. I have to buy Mark's book. Thank you from Peter

 Ana Lucia Alves Avatar
Ana Lucia Alves - 7 months ago
Thanks for such wonderful content Sonia and Sean - You guys rock! I just wanted to point out that your Guest Nick Cotton at Jack’d's ⁣(➡The Continued Silence Around The Dan Wootton Allegations) social media is practically off, just like mine. Twitter and Instagram are suspended. I'm kinda sick of it! And so many still that Elon and his nonsense are for real, and that he's a good guy... Dreadful!