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⁣🌅⁣Indigo Child, Arron: Blockchain, Sovereign Rights, Magna Carta ⁣https://www.instagram.com/indigoochild/ ⁣🌅Actor, Producer, Model: Ana Lucia Alves: Hollywood & The Sound Of Freedom https://analuciaalves.com ⁣🌅Writer, commentator: Alasdair Lord – The Renaissance Yorkshireman: Political Systems: None Of The Above (NOTA) And Electing By Sortition ⁣https://www.alasdairlord.co.uk and ⁣https://www.youtube.com/@therenaissanceyorkshireman9278 ⁣🌅Psychotherapist: Lucinda Lidstone: Therapists Told They Must Cover 'Diversity, Inclusion, Equality' - And Why This Is Regressive ⁣⁣🌅Epstein: New Maria Farmer Case: Does The Money Take Us Further Away From The True Epstein Story? ⁣🌅New Electronic Bill Given Royal Assent - What Does It Mean?
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 BNT HUB Avatar
BNT HUB - 8 months ago
Lucinda needs to start therapy sittings on onevsp maybe blank out the client how amazing would that be

 bill Avatar
bill - 8 months ago
Oh no. We're not back to the Nesera Gesera wheel of the Truth cycle.

 bill Avatar
bill - 8 months ago
Has Aaron or anyone actually got their birthday certificate money is back? And I thought it was in the Vatican?

 bill Avatar
bill - 8 months ago
I'm a builder. Neither Women or AI can do my job. LOL.

 Drumstick Avatar
Drumstick - 8 months ago
Thanks Sonia + Sean + Guests! The movie Sound of Freedom sure did get into a lot of Americans cinemas. 2,400 theatres on the 4th of July (!) It is indeed questionable that it has made $149Mio already, and that they keep asking for donations. Polaris Project and Angel films also sounded rogue... Podesta, I mean, really? Is Abramovic also involved? PS: I can confirm Luggerbugz is a man, Sonia. :)

 Laura Biding Avatar
Laura Biding - 8 months ago
Did Sonia really say "as above, so below"?? Isn't that a phrase synonymous with baphomet?