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CLOWN WORLD. Double Child-Murderer Released from UK Prison Because He Impressed The Higher-Ups

1 K Views - Published on 10 Sep, 2021
Hi BNT - ⁣Another sickening example of how the British Justice System is failing the British people. Colin Pitchfork, one of the UK's most notorious killers of children, has been freed - released from his cage to live among us, the public, because he's deemed to be a good boy now. Is the UK usually in the habit of releasing child-killers?
The prison system, appeal judges and parole board, were all so impressed with this murderous rapist's skills and progress in prison, that he has been allowed to transcribe musical scrolls into braille, create artwork which has been exhibited publicly, and had a chunk of time knocked off his LIFE SENTENCE.
The cherry on top is that he has now been released, a free man.
So a man who killed two teenage girls, years apart, for his own twisted sexual kicks, is now free, living and walking and earning good money among the public. Welcome to clown world.

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