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The Week According To . . . David Vance

752 Views - Published on 18 Feb, 2023
⁣How’s the craic? It's another Irish night at Hearts of Oak as David Vance joins us afresh to give us his honest and often scathing appraisals on the talking points, from the news and his social media this past week. Under the microscope this episode..... - The Invasion: Illegal channel migration expanding. - Tribunal due to rule on Shamima Begum’s citizenship case. - Florida issues new guidance to doctors telling them to warn patients they could suffer a heart attack after taking experimental Covid jab. - Better late than never: Past COVID infection 'as good as vaccines' at preventing severe illness. - Brexit: The betrayal of Northern Ireland beckons? - Trump statement on Sturgeon's resignation in Scotland. - Those prosecuted for silently praying outside an abortion clinic are cleared after arrest by police sparked fury. - Lolz. ‘Chinese spy balloon’ shot down over Alaska last week may have belonged to US amateur ballooning group. - Net Zero Bollocks: Log burner rule change in England could land users with £300 fines. - LGBT-BS 24/7: Trans NHS - Food inflation skyrockets in the UK. Pureblood David Vance will not submit, and he will not comply. He used to be disgusted but now he tries to be amused! In the battle for truth and liberty, David chooses the front line, he has been writing and talking politics for a long time and is a published author, political commentator and podcaster extraordinaire! If the Covid 19 plandemic taught him one lesson it is that critical reasoning and a healthy contempt for the mainstream media are desirable armoury in the fight against tyranny. Follow and support David on the following links. Website: https://davidvance.net/ GETTR: https://gettr.com/user/davidvance Twitter: https://twitter.com/DVATW?s=20&t=vaRYl6wCZ4_ZLJ9DB0xpXQ TikTok: http://tiktok.com/@thedavidvance Locals: https://thedavidvance.locals.com/ BrandNewTube: https://brandnewtube.com/@TheDavidVanceChannel Podcast: https://vancedavidatw.podbean.com/ Originally broadcast as a live news review 18.2.23 Audio Podcast version available at Podbean and all major podcast directories... https://heartsofoak.podbean.com/ To sign up for our weekly email, find our social media, podcasts, video and livestream platforms... https://heartsofoak.org/connect/ Please like, subscribe and share! Links to stories and articles in this episode..... Immigration VIDEO https://twitter.com/DVATW/status/1626855689162293248 Begum citizenship https://www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk/news/national/23329140.tribunal-rule-shamima-begums-citizenship-case-next-week/ Florida https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-11760449/Florida-tells-doctors-warn-patients-suffer-HEART-ATTACK-Covid-shot.html COVID https://news.sky.com/story/past-covid-infection-as-good-as-vaccines-at-preventing-severe-illness-12812415 Northern Ireland https://twitter.com/DVATW/status/1626295465275797506?s=20 Trump’s statement https://twitter.com/DVATW/status/1625982414563549185?s=20 Silently praying https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11758387/Catholic-woman-prosecuted-silently-praying-outside-abortion-clinic-CLEARED.html Spy balloon https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/21429410/chinese-spy-balloon-shot-alaska-us-amateur-ballooning-group/?utm_source=sharebar_app&utm_medium=sharebar_app&utm_campaign=sharebar_app_article Net Zero https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-64261624 Trans NHS https://twitter.com/DVATW/status/1626692265698553858?s=20 Inflation https://twitter.com/DVATW/status/1626650756399960074?s=20
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