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EUGENICS: VAXX INJURIES SKYROCKET! - 1 In 6 "Fully" Jabbed Face SEVERE Illness Or Death!

1 K Views - Published on 11 Aug, 2022
⁣Josh Sigurdson reports on the skyrocketing vaccine injuries and death as new studies come out showing 1 in 6 "fully" vaccinated (as in jabbed and boosted) individuals have severe injuries or are dying, and that number has just BEGUN to climb and does not include people who've only had two or three vaccines.
On top of that, entities like VAERS won't even record 90 or more percent of vaccine illness and death and most cases on top of THAT are undiagnosed and unknown, much like ticking time bombs.
In this video, we break down these recent studies and talk about the eugenics agenda as many deeply involved in this vaccine death campaign are eugenicists who support reducing the population by more than half.


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