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Operator | Bodyguard | Soldier | Gina Allsop | Bought The T-Shirt Podcast

1 K Views - Published on 07 Jan, 2023
⁣Gina Allsop's military career started in the 30th Signals Regiment, nick-named the 'Globetrotters'. In conflict or crisis, they were one of the first units out there due to their state of the art communications. Gina went on to train US Delta-Force and Navy Seals in surveillance and tactics. After serving all over the world, Gina was due to retire. Aged 30, her new career was working in close protection for high-profile personalities. She turned down the offer of being Britney Spears' body guard, as she wouldn't be able to work undercover again. Diagnosed with PTSD, Gina received help from SSAFA and took on her own charity events, to help raise money for other veterans.


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