RISE WITH BNT 149 | Maddie McCann £s | Celine Dion Groomed | Visa Cruelty | Book of Vision | Suicide

13 K Views - Published on 27 Mar, 2023
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▶Groomed: Celine Dion ▶Robin Monotti: Book of Vision ⁣https://www.parklandentertainment.com/movie/the-book-of-vision?whereToWatch=watch-at-home ▶Suicide Stigma: Disconnected documentary ⁣https://www.disconnectedthedocumentary.com ▶Therapist John: Expressive writing ⁣https://johnhendenconsultancy.co.uk ▶Your Views: Madeleine McCann Funding ▶Home Office Cruelty: "Can't visit my home with my wife"
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 Craig Campbell Avatar
Craig Campbell - 10 months ago
All the original evidence and statements from the McCann case: https://mccannpjfiles.co.uk/

 piglatum Avatar
piglatum - 10 months ago
I can post a comment but can't see the comments

 Drumstick Avatar
Drumstick - 10 months ago
Hi Sonia! I see I wasn't the only one with technical problems today... At work, we lost internet connection, and found out just how dependent we are on it: The cash register, answering mails, even our landline phones use the net. We could only accept cash, as the card machines also depend on the net, and found out just how few people carry cash these days. Oh well, great guests today, none the less. I hope Sean is okay.

 MinneuPud Avatar
MinneuPud - 10 months ago
The introduction has been lost on this...