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Fake Truther Shaun Attwood GASLIGHTS James English (& Everyone Else!)

2 K Views - Published on 10 Sep, 2021
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After mentioning James English for a few weeks, in videos, livestreams and video titles, Shaun Attwood finally got a response. Attwood seemed surprised that James English doesn't want to "fight" him and "shake his hand afterwards" and uploaded a panicked livestream gaslighting James and the entire audience.
Attwood has been on a gaslighting tour recently, appearing on smaller channels, attempting to flatter the hosts and then pushing out his message that everyone who criticises Attwood or talks about his behaviours, are nothing more than trolls and fantasists.
He also posted a bizarre video featuring his human trafficking victim podcast guest taking the blame for all of the things Attwood is being called out for - she did not look well and the entire thing looked plain wrong. Attwood posted this in response to James English's video, yet deleted it after an hour, when it hit over 200 dislikes and less than 100 likes, and the comments were full of angry and confused people. But why would he delete a video which he claims fully exonerates him?
From Psychology Today:
Gaslighting is an insidious form of manipulation and psychological control. Victims of gaslighting are deliberately and systematically fed false information that leads them to question what they know to be true, often about themselves. They may end up doubting their memory, their perception, and even their sanity. Over time, a gaslighter’s manipulations can grow more complex and potent, making it increasingly difficult for the victim to see the truth.

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Shaun's Deleted Cali Video:
Attwood's Deleted interview with Sonia Poulton:
Weezy on Odysee:
Chancer on Odysee:


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