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s h I n r I - Ode To A Brother (DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME) - LIVE

5 K Views - Published on 29 Jan, 2023
⁣NEW RELEASE : Fuck It - ⁣ Ode To A Brother - LIVE @ la tite scene des Halles, St Nazaire, France. ⁣It’s been a year and a month since Mr OK was placed back into the earth. I only had 1 gig in 2022. Here’s 1 song from that gig, of course dedicated to OGHENE KOLOGBO. You can listen to the full concert here: ⁣ Follow me -- INSTA: @soul_sound_432 -- FaceBook: --


5 K
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 shin Avatar
shin - 1 year ago
Fuck It - MY ONLY RELEASE SOFAR available on most streaming platforms
LINKS HERE : ⁣ And here : I NEED STREAMS here - And FOLLOWERS here - For my course innit!!! MERCI & BLESS