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⁣⁣▶Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Act 2023 ⁣https://bills.parliament.uk/bills/3167 ▶Ukraine: Nato Cracks ▶Austrian Party Deserts Zelensky ▶Pharma Whistleblower: Stop jabs ⁣https://hedleyrees.substack.com ▶Censors: Media Bill ⁣https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cbp-9571/ ▶Trans Terrorism ▶Dark Side: Victoria's Secret ▶Benefit: Cold Water ▶Fake Madeleine McCann
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 radar1 Avatar
radar1 - 7 months ago
I am with Sean's thinking on the Covid issue - but with a twist regarding their rabid desire to not just jab everyone but to do it increasingly more frequently. 1. There is no virus. It was an invention to scare everyone into begging to be jabbed. 2. They then start a fear-porn program of indoctrination to get people to accept being jabbed annually, then half-yearly, then quarterly and maybe monthly. 3. If you wanted to kill (or genetically modify) 90% of the population without resorting to the nuclear option (which these cowards know would risk their own lives), then that would be the way you could do it. Once we've all been conditioned to demand monthly jabs, they could switch to a lethal, fast-acting poison and by the time everyone became aware of it, it would be too late for that 90%. 4. Hedley's point that Pharma is going along with the jab for profit may be true but Pharma might just be tools on the way to the 'final solution' in the same way that the media has been silent and complicit for the money.

 Elge Avatar
Elge - 7 months ago
Holly Holm Octagon Interview min 2 stop sexuilising our kids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhSSdtoTQ2E&ab_channel=UFC-UltimateFightingChampionship

 Rememberwhoyouare Avatar
Rememberwhoyouare - 7 months ago
Love your show, thank you Sonia

 hamza ibrahim Avatar
hamza ibrahim - 7 months ago
we'll rise with bnt.