Discrimination & Victimisation by the GMC & NHS is not helping patients

521 Views - Published on 11 Aug, 2022
During lockdown in March 2020 many thousands elderly patients died in nursing homes due to fear of Covid pandemic and lack of medical facilities
2..These precious lives could have been saved in hospitals by experienced hands with good planning.
3. I opposed rolling out of the experimental & unlicensed vaccine to the public without their informed consent.
4. This prompted me to go on the social media and I released couple of videos regarding Covid 19, it’s origin, transmission, pathogenicity and mode of spread which resulted my immediate dismissal by the trusts without any warning , notification, disciplinary procedure and resulted in my suspension for 2 years by the GMC since 1 June 2020 due to alleged on line complaints by 4 anonymous members of the public in my videos over Covid pandemic in a short notice on Skype hearing followed by further extension of my suspension order for another 6 months by MPTS recent hearing in June 2022 for the public safety which is totally unjustified , unfair and unlawful
5. GMC failed to produce those 4 online anonymous complainants, and two MDs as factual witnesses for their testimony on oath before the tribunal during my recent MPT hearing in Manchester in June 2022 .
6. GMC failed to produce any evidence , proof or justification for my unlawful dismissal and suspension to prove its case which is clear violation of the human right act article 10 European convention and article 6 of the unfair trial & dismissal and abuse of powers while sitting in a public office.

B. Basic human rights are simple and easily understood which are
*freedom of speech and expression
*Freedom of opinion and free press;
*freedom of religion and worship;
*freedom of assembly and the right of protest ;
*Freedom of right of people to be secure at their work place and homes without any victimisation and discrimination regardless of colour ,race, religion and individuality
*Freedom from unreasonable threats and punishment with harassment & bullying .
C. Ten million people are on the waiting list for their investigations and treatment including cancer patients , 10 years to clear , NHS is going towards privatisation.
D. 1. I strongly believe on “ Nuremberg Code “which is about medical ethics reminding Nazis atrocities on human being experiments without consent.
2. I believe on “Declaration of Helsinki “ which focus on human right , research and medical experimentation by physicians on the human bodies funded by Federal government on which our government is signatory too .
3. I believe on “ Hippocratic oath , “ First Do No Harm”.
4. I want to make clear that I support everybody right to full bodily autonomy regardless of colour , race or individuality .
5. I believe on full informed consent to everybody for any bodily procedure or medical therapy.
*As a health professional with 30 years of unblemished medical record while working in U.K. I hold right of opinion , freedom of speech and expression without persecution by the government or regulator article10 . I had not done any crime to be penalised by my regulator & MPTS without any clinical , patient related or ethical issue which is totally unjustified, unlawful , discriminatory and clear victimisation .
E. *My case is in the High Court for the justice . I have full faith on justice system of the honourable judges in the U.K. famous all over the world. I am confident that truth will surface and justice will prevail .
*Nobody is above the law in this country , the regulator, it’s high ups , legal advisors , MPTS , and medical directors of two trusts are all accountable for their wrong doing in my unlawful dismissal and suspension since 22/4/2020 which seriously affected my career, reputation ,personal & family life ,financial hardship, stress and suffering which has been extremely damaging .
F. * I stood for the cause of the humanity and will continue supporting the human rights .
*Thank you for your kind moral and financial support on the just giving crowed funding page for seeking justice through the High Court which is highly appreciated. Thank you for your help .
Dr Mohammad Adil
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Dr Mohammad Adil

Dr Mohammad Adil

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