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⁣▶Kerching: Exploiting the pitiful Lockdown Files ▶UK: Alarmageddon ▶Perseus Group Report: Safe & Effective. FULL REPORT: PETITION: ⁣ ▶GBloc: EMF-protective clothing ⁣ ▶Therapist John Henden: Living well with disability ⁣ ▶Clive de Carle: 'un-jab' yourself Q&A ⁣
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 BNT HUB Avatar
BNT HUB - 7 months ago
Scathing report blasts ‘unimaginable’ £37bn cost of coronavirus test and trace system

 Spiro Makazliev Avatar
Spiro Makazliev - 7 months ago
Hi Clive, Hope you’re well. I am contacting you following your appearance on Rise with BNT with Sonia Poulton. I would like yiur advise as I recently stopped taking Atorvastsatin 40mgfor my bad cholesterol and Remipril 2.5mg for my blood pressure as I’ve had bad side effects. I am taking C, D vitamins and Magnesium daily but I am currently buying them from high street stores and would like your recommendation to buy them from you and any other supplements you might think that will benefit me. Thanks in advance. Spiro.

 piglatum Avatar
piglatum - 7 months ago
That former civil servant seems quaintly naive about what is behind it, will not allow himself to consider that it could be about depopulation. As for how many the vaccine saved, those figures are based on the predicted figures of a man and his university who have always got it hugely wrong, Fergusson predicted in 2002 that between 50,000 to 150,000 would die of BSE inUK. in fact 177 did. and in 2009 predicted 50,000-65,000 would die of swine flu when 457 actually did,As for Worldwide he predicted in 2005 that 200,000,000 dead of SARS bird flu, he got that wrong spectacularly it was 218. These figures are from wiki not a great source but they do have the sources referenced. So if they had had a vaccine for SARS they could have saved two hundred million. Just as they claim the lives saved by Covid jab are the predicted deaths without vaccine which is completely unreliable data.

 Drumstick Avatar
Drumstick - 7 months ago
Hi Sonia, It's a rare thing, but I have to clear up a few things you and Sean said about the Georgia Guidestones (which someone blew up on my birthday in 2022. :)) The pseudonym given was not C.J. Christian, but R.C. Christian (making some researchers believe he was a Rosicrucian). The commandment that said to keep the population under a specific number was not 500,000 - but 500 mio. (still a low number, worldwide; granted). Thanks for a great show, and see you Friday! :)

 piglatum Avatar
piglatum - 7 months ago
You can use an ordinary phone voice recorder to pick up, inaudible to humans, high and low frequencies, they will move the vu meter.. and high frequency sounds are much easier to block than low frequency ones that is why when hearing music from outside your room you hear the bass drum and bass guitar but not the cymbals and high notes on the guitar or voice.

 duncan smith Avatar
duncan smith - 7 months ago
Krishna Consciousness has all the answers to all the worlds problems , so when you are trying to sort out one problem at a time , other problems arise , because nothing has been done about the laws of karma in cooperating with God , who can change the world in an instant , once the desire to serve the Lord increases . Therefore in every video or conversation there is the need to participate in the sankirtan movement . Chant the holy names and tell others to chant , the greatest movement of all . If you look at history , everybody has failed . They must be thinking they have a greater solution than God or an unwillingness to cooperate with God . They can never be successful because death takes away everything from them and they have to start all over again . Therefore chant and tell others to chant . This has already been successful , making a huge improvement in millions of lives . Learn to meditate on any of the bonafide holy names . The book , Chant and be happy , is the best starting point before reading the Veda . Then chant and tell other to chant . Hare Krishna .