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⁣The Week According To . . . Right Said Fred

6 K Views - Published on 04 May, 2024
Rejoice for the return of The Fred's! Richard and Fred Fairbrass, better known as Right Said Fred return to Hearts of Oak to give their opinions on some of the talking points and news stories floating around this week on the web, including... - UK ELECTIONS: Local and Mayor of London elections, is this the end of the Tories and will Khan remain as Mayor? - Safe and Effective: Dad who suffered brain injury after getting COVID vaccine sues AstraZeneca. - I’m not a Covid conspiracy theorist. I was right! - Rwanda Farce 1: Civil servants mount court challenge over new law. - Rwanda Farce 2: Failed asylum seeker given £3K to go to Rwanda. - NHS to declare sex is a matter of biology in historic shift against gender ideology. - Old phone boxes refurbed into defibrillators, what a time to be alive! - "London has opened it's doors to Jihad" Trump correct as he says British ‘culture’ had been eroded by tolerance. - This will not end well: Irish Government ignores the wishes of ordinary Irish people as it continues to impose migrants on small communities. - Diversity: BBC reports that train drivers are overwhelmingly middle-aged white men. *The UK is 82% white from the last census Right Said Fred are one of the UK’s most enduring pop exports. Since forming in 1989, brothers Fred and Richard Fairbrass, have a list of achievements as songwriters and a band that include number #1 hits in 70 countries, they were also the first band to reach the number one slot in the US with a debut single since The Beatles. As multi-platinum award winning artists and songwriters, their global sales total 30 million and over 100 million plays on Spotify. They have writing credits on Taylor Swift and Sofi Tukker’s songs, their music has been featured in over 50 films and TV Shows and in excess of 100 commercials. The boys have performed with Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and David Bowie plus plaudits from Madonna, Jay Z, and Prince to name but a few. 30 years on and 10 studio albums later, The Freds have found a new legion of fans with their no-nonsense views during the Covid ‘pandemic’ regarding lockdowns, masks, vaccines, nonsensical rules and all the regurgitated hysteria that surrounds it. They have been a staple feature at the huge anti-lockdown and freedom protests seen in London and have shown their integrity on their social media and in interviews, pointing out and challenging all the lies, scaremongering and hypocrisies that have been forced upon the population from the government and the main stream media. Right Said Fred are living proof that two music-loving brothers with an ear for a hit, plenty of passion, self-belief and a bit of critical thinking can defy all expectations and conquer the world – long live The Freds! Connect with The Freds... WEBSITE rightsaidfred.com X/TWITTER twitter.com/TheFreds Recorded 3.5.24 Connect with Hearts of Oak... X/TWITTER twitter.com/HeartsofOakUK WEBSITE heartsofoak.org PODCASTS heartsofoak.podbean.com SOCIAL MEDIA heartsofoak.org/connect SHOP heartsofoak.org/shop
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