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US Admits Biolabs In Ukraine, Vaxx Kills 150 People To Save 10 & Democracy Has Its Flaws

41 Views - Published on 10 Mar, 2022
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Sources used in video:

Rubio scrambles to cover for Nuland admitting US has biolabs in Ukraine -

Victoria Nuland, Clinton, Ukraine timeline -

Russia says they have found US biolabs -

Georgia voter fraud -

Why bother with democracy -

Money laundering -

Incompetent psychopaths are in charge -

Trump was right -

Reminder, energy secretary laughs at energy plans -

Putin make too much sense to ignore -

$2.6 billion to promote gender equity -

Meanwhile, a man is dominating womens swimming -

Pfizer removes themselves from NYSE -

Vaxx kills 150,000 to save 10,000 -

CDC admits PCR test was all nonsense -

J&J injected asbestos into volunteers to see if it was safe -

Biden tries to block release of dominion voting machines -

Bail denied for Cain, but abuser walks free -

All the people tested for brain shrink were vaxxed -

Steve Inman -

Song - STATE of MINE & Drew Jacobs - GOD'S COUNTRY -

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