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Lt Col Tony Shaffer (Ret) - Red Sea Chaos and the Complete Failure of Biden’s National Security....

2 K Views - Published on 25 Jan, 2024
The Middle East is becoming more and more unstable and Biden has seemingly lost the plot. So who better to have on than Lt Col Tony Shaffer to make sense of it all. Since the start of the Israel Gaza war we have seen increasing skirmishes in the Red Sea, attacks on cargo ships and now we are seeing an escalation of military responses, not only from the US but joint operations with the UK and others as well. Tony tells us what is behind this Biden failure of US national security policies. Are they leading us all towards another world war? Why are we seeing increasing attacks from the Houthi’s in Yemen? Why are we seeing US and UK jets attack not only the Houthi’s but Iranian backed militants in Iraq? Where does Saudi Arabia fit into all of this? And how will the situation change under a Trump Presidency? So many questions and Lt Col Shaffer is the man with the answers. LtCol Anthony (Tony) Shaffer (retired), is the President of Project Sentinel, a New York Times bestselling author and CIA trained intelligence operations officer with 40 years of experience in global and national security. In his think-tank work he is an advisor to senior members of the White House, the Intelligence Community, Pentagon and key members of Congress. He also works with National Geographic as a the producer of the series “Chain of Command”. He is also the Homeland Security Advisor to the Stafford County Sheriff’s Department in Virginia and works as its member of the NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau’s expanded task force. Tony is also a regular contributor to Newsmax Connect with Tony and Project Sentinel... X WEBSITE BOOKS Interview recorded 23.1.24 Connect with Hearts of Oak... WEBSITE PODCASTS SOCIAL MEDIA TRANSCRIPTS Support Hearts of Oak by purchasing one of our fancy T-Shirts.... SHOP
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