AE911Truth not naming names or going after who did 9/11 with Thermite and Pentagon contradictions

262 Views - Published on 22 Jul, 2020

Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth on Freedomizer Radio with Colleen Harding, Sept 11th, 2014 (thirteen year anniversary of 9-11)

Gage vaguely and safely assumes the arms industry, oil, banking, and media are responsible for 9/11 and should be gone after. But as what Gage responded to Colleen about Ryan Dawson and pointing the finger, (which Dawson does point accurately and criticizes AE911Truth for it other aspects) that going after or actually investigating who did it is "not the job of Architects and Engineers" that they don't name names when to the contrary they do so by implying domestic and u.s. military sources responsible for the manufacture of Nano-thermite which they can't prove exists, while exiting their expertise to claim the physical damage for flight 77 at the Pentagon isn't enough to make a relevant conclusion for a plane to have hit, but explosives or other flying devices which would point the finger to military sources again is more possible.

To listen to the entire broadcast both interviewed with Ryan Dawson and Richard Gage: http://www.freedomizerradio.com/event...

To watch Ryan Dawson's take on the interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvaYT...
Thermal Detonator

Thermal Detonator

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