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⁣The Week According To . . . Matt Le Tissier

8 K Views - Published on 23 Mar, 2024
We roll out the red carpet for the return of the freedom fighter and football legend Matt Le Tissier to give his thoughts on some of the headlines and talking points from the news, social media and from across the web. Plenty for Matt and Peter to get their teeth stuck into including... - How many more before you investigate? 3 footballers collapse on live TV in one week. - Vile Irish PM Leo Varadkar jumps off the sinking Irish coalition ship. - Amish Officially Declared ‘World’s Healthiest Children’ After Rejecting Big Pharma Vaccines. - Fury as Nike adds a ultra-woke 'Playful Update' and changes colours of the on St George's cross England shirts. - Chair of Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Authority gets quizzed on why she agrees her force is ‘institutionally racist’. - "We need to protect their innocence and childhood" British MP speaks sense on sex education. - Network Rail removes Islamic message on King's Cross display boards after fierce criticism. - Clown World News: Sunbathing for just one day ‘increases your risk of killer heart disease and wrecks your immune system. Matt Le Tissier is a bona fide football legend, often described as one of the most naturally talented players of his time, the man that south coast residents call ‘Le God’ and one of the most famous soccer stars of the 1990's. Matt joined Southampton FC on the YTS scheme in 1985, signed professional forms with them the following year at 16 years of age and for the next 16 years he put loyalty above riches and remained at the club. A hero to his fans for his creativity, he was the first midfielder to score 100 goals in the Premier League and Matt's penalty taking abilities were renowned, converting 47 out of 48 from the spot. Then for 15 years he was on our TV screens every week on Sky Sports giving his commentary on the Premier League football matches. This all came to a screeching halt when he tweeted his thoughts on the Ukraine/Russia conflict, refused to wear a badge on-air of an organisation he had no interest in being associated with and also retweeting a post that questioned the government line on COVID. These actions were apparently outside the accepted new-speak and for these crimes he was sacked. Connect with 'Le God'... WEBSITE X @mattletiss7 Recorded 22.3.24 Connect with Hearts of Oak... WEBSITE PODCASTS SOCIAL MEDIA SHOP Links to topics... Footballers collapsing Leo Varadkar Amish Big Pharma Nike England Institutionally racist Sex education Network Rail Islamic message Sunbathing
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