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How much of a disability do you need to have?

46 Views - Published on 13 Jul, 2020
Discussing benefits is sometimes difficult because "able" people have been programmed to see that claiming legitimate money is wrong and anyone who does is doing so fraudulently and scamming the system, probably also a scrounger and lazy work shy waste of space. The reality is totally different. Besides the "climate" perpetrated that the only good thing is "work", the incentives and assistance schemes are not there despite the lies by the tories because they have been removed. Yet, disabled are not worthy unless working, and for less than able-bodied. The system is set up that the DWP's sole aim is to deprive legit claimants of their legal entitlement, proven by the 75% who win at tribunal after refusals.
Andy Wright Talking Really Uncut

Andy Wright Talking Really Uncut

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