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Dendera Zodiac proves BIBLICAL GENESIS was within the last 6,450 years

60 Views - Published on 19 Jun, 2021
⁣Bible states Earth was created a mere 5000 years ago and Tri-Lambda Delta finally proves that bold biblical statement to be true. A World 1st !!!

"The Dendera Temple horoscope depicts star constellations during the age of Capricorn (which is the horned, goat-headed sign). This could be confused with Ares, the ram-headed sign, an animal which also has horns. I have identified a modern misunderstanding by archaeologists. That the age of capricorn makes the Horoscope pre-egyptian and as old as 21,568 BC. Now, this horoscope is totally correct, but the age deduced from modern horoscopes is incorrect. It is really much younger than everyone has predicted, and it really is Egyptian. We are currently in the year 2021 AD, and in the age of Pisces. Star Constellations now travel across the sky in reverse order to that depicted on the Egyptian dendera ceiling. Conclusion. A cataclysm caused the world to flip and wobble during the earliest of Egyptian times . NASA and astrologers refer to this wobble as precession. The current age of pisces is only seperated from the age of Capricorn by the age of aquarius, an age we are about to move in to. After Aquarius, we return to the age of Capricorn. Which is shockingly soon, dont you think? Showing, many ages have been skipped. Wish to know why? Well, Earth, returns to the age of Capricorn in little more than 2,150 years, and not the 26,000 years that NASA predicts. WHY? Each Age is approximately 2,150 years in duration. And The maximum duration covered by 3 periods is 6,450 years. Which would place the cataclysm at a maximum distance from the present at 4,429 BC. And any survivors would probably write a book about the world they created, stating that the world they created was merely 5000 years old. Do you now get the big picture? It's all true, the bible is totally true. The Dendera horoscope proves the Bible is true. Today is a great day. "
Tri-Lambda Delta

Tri-Lambda Delta

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