The Boer: A Dutch Farmer Rebellion (A Rebel News Documentary)

610 Views - Published on 13 Aug, 2022
⁣Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, under the influence of the World Economic Forum, announced his goal to reach net-zero nitrogen emissions in 2019.
This announcement will force farmers to reduce livestock and food production to cut-down nitrogen emissions.
The farmers, also known as The Boer, have spent years pushing back in peaceful protest, and in June 2022, the protests grew bigger than ever before.
So, Rebel News sent U.K. Reporter Lewis Brackpool and Lincoln Jay to the Netherlands to cover these massive protests. Now, with the help of Kian Simone, they have combined their in-depth footage from the Dutch farmer protests to create a documentary.
In this exclusive and hard-hitting documentary, Rebel News displays the other side of the story of the farmer's rebellion.
Rebel News is 100% viewer funded. Please donate on this page to support the production and marketing costs of this documentary:
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