RISE WITH BNT 134 | Extended Interview With John McAfee's Former Wife, Janice

149 K Views - Published on 03 Feb, 2023
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⁣▶Extended interview with Janice McAfeedemanding answers for her former husband, tech entrepreneur John ▶Boris Johnson & Ukraine ▶Cancer Rising Again ▶Steven Tyler Lawsuit ▶The Importance of Hope ⁣⁣▶ Satanic Ritual Abuse Is Real Not Imagined PETITION: ⁣
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 Gummy10 Avatar
Gummy10 - 9 months ago
Super show, hit the like button 👏

 hootyowl Avatar
hootyowl - 9 months ago
Cancer - prevention all day long

 ManInMotion808 Avatar
ManInMotion808 - 9 months ago
Once again, awesome broadcast Sonia, & what a great interview with Janice McAfee!!! So glad I caught this, & before I’ve even got around to watch the Netflix version, as was dubious how they could spin the story. Can now watch it being better informed just from this interview, so Thank You & Big Up!!! 👏🏿🔥✊🏿💯

 Drumstick Avatar
Drumstick - 9 months ago
A brilliant show today, and lovely to see the Live Chat is back. I hope usernames will be added. 👍 Janice McAfee was both intelligent and brave... When I heard McAfee was deceased in 2021, I just know he had been "Epstein'ed". Side note: A lot of researchers believe that is was John McAfee who did the HD drone footages of Epstein's Island. The drone pilot chose to remain anonymous at the time. Ironic that John McAfee probably suffered the same fate as Jeff Epstein: Fake suicide by hanging. It also highly suspicious that the Spanish authorities won't do an autopsy or even deliver his body to Janice and family. 💐 R.I.P. John McAfee

 Drumstick Avatar
Drumstick - 9 months ago
(Edited:) See you live next Friday. 👋