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Wayne Cunnington - Vaccine Injuries and Midazolam Murders: My Story

2 K Views - Published on 22 Feb, 2024
⁣Wayne Cunnington has a story to tell of vaccine injury, elderly relatives left alone and encouraged to die and a health system that will do all they can to hide the truth. The interview starts with Wayne sharing his story of vaccine injury. He took the Astra Zeneca jab and immediately began to have health issues. He was rushed to hospital but released after 11 days in an even worse condition than when he was admitted. He is unable to work yet had little support from the government. This all happened months after he watched his Mum die in hospital during the 'pandemic'. For 6 weeks he was stopped from seeing her and then allowed to be by her side for her last few days before she died. Wayne fought for the release of her medical records and in January 2023 was given 480 pages of medical notes which will shock anyone who believes the NHS are there to look after and care for the sick and frail. Prepare yourself for the truth and please share Wayne's story. Wayne was injured by an Astra Zeneca 'vaccine' shot in February 2021 which gave him brain tissue damage. Since then he has tried to better inform others of risks. He has become an advocate for the better informing of therapeutics to make better life decisions and to ensure family safety in hospitals. Since being injured, Wayne's income has suffered dramatically. If you feel you can help him financially use the donate link below. Connect with and support Wayne... DONATE X SUBSTACK MUSIC Interview recorded 21.2.24 Connect with Hearts of Oak... WEBSITE PODCASTS SOCIAL MEDIA Support Hearts of Oak by purchasing one of our fancy T-Shirts.... SHOP
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