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I Found New Video Of Cops Laughing And Smiling During Schooting

2 K Views - Published on 28 May, 2022
⁣I just found a small youtube channel with 10 subs that has a video of Uvalde police smiling and laughing during the shooting. This will be the first time you are seeing this video as it doesn't even have 20 views. I was searching for new things on youtube and got lucky. I already saved it in case it gets pulled down. There is also an interview with a person who lives there I haven't seen yet either but he doesn't say anything particularly useful. What I want to do though, is find out if anyone is good with audio to where they can isolate what the cops are saying in this video. If you can do that please, send the audio back to me or upload a video of it so people can hear. I think it would be important to hear what they are saying, might generate some leads. One of the cops in the video does say something about going inside or something to that effect so if you have the skills and software give it a shot. Here is the link to the channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faOnAFi_RzA
Chad Chaddington

Chad Chaddington

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