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Grayson's Holistic Anatomy Part 06: Let Food Be Thy Medicine, Not Thy Poison

1 K Views - Published on 06 Jul, 2022
⁣[July 5, 2022]
Dr. Grayson points out a few common toxins found in food and how they harm the body. He also discusses what you can do to easily avoid them.

It's hard to eat right in such a dangerous environment!

An awakened mind walking through the grocery store comes to recognize that all too many of the products available are full of artificial colors, sweeteners, pesticides, and toxic chemicals.

In this short new video, Dr. Grayson illuminates a path for those who want to have the guts to live long and happy!

Grayson explains how the toxins in our bodies are leading to a multitude of problems like infertility, weight gain, hyperactivity, and mood disorders.

More importantly, Grayson will take you on a journey to alter the course and provide your body and heart with a loving diet that will soothe and relax you to a better place where you can sleep and heal yourself.

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