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Times up Soho house! Ron Burkle owns 60% of it. Global safe houses for the elite. Human trafficking?

954 Views - Published on 22 May, 2020
⁣Soho house is a private members only club. With "houses" around the
world, they serve the elite, rich, media, artistic and generally anyone
with certain flare!
Started by Nick Jones in Soho (sex capital of the UK) with Ron Burkle
(friend of Bill Clintons and would fly him anywhere in Rons private jet)
now owning 60% of Soho House. Have these houses been used as safe
houses? Does the art they so adore sometimes provide messages to those
in the know?
Does one of those images tell members that "Tom is behind bars".. You
decide... !
Membership costs approx. $3,000 per year. 50% off if you're under 27.
They sell cushions for chairs at a price of $75 each..
Ron Burkle and Bill Clinton are known associates of Jeffrey Epstein.
One house in NY is actually named DUMBO house (Deep Underground Military
Base reference)


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