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The Week According To . . . Gareth Icke

1 K Views - Published on 10 Jun, 2023
⁣To match the hot weather we are seeing in England this weekend we bring you a scorcher of a show as Gareth Icke returns to put the world to rights! So join us for an hour of news driven chat, opinion and discussion as Gareth gives his unbridled thoughts on some of the top stories bouncing around this week on the web, in the tabloids and on social media. Under the microscope this episode.... - Boris Johnson sensationally QUITS as an MP after Partygate probe. - Gender Dysphoria: Children are being seriously harmed. - Killer migrant who served only 2 years for killing a pensioner takes the piss out of the UK. - The European Commission and WHO launch landmark digital health initiative. - Pay with your palm? No thanks. - Pride Month: LGBTQ BS in school curriculum and lessons from Prophet Muhammad. - "I'm a pregnant man and I do exist" - Universal Basic Income being trialled. - Ukrainian Bollywood Propaganda. Gareth Icke is an activist, a singer/songwriter, an author, a former international beach soccer player, the presenter of ‘Right Now’, an uncensored current affairs show on the Ickonic Network and is also the son of the legendary truth warrior David Icke. He has been attending protests and rallies since he was a small boy and he's worked tirelessly in the movement for truth and continues to do so through docu-series, films, books, podcasts, rallies, speaking engagements and much more. Gareth's weekly show, 'Right Now', goes out every Friday at 7pm on It gives guests from all over the world a chance to say their bit, covering a huge range of subjects that the mainstream doesn’t want you to hear about. Connect with Gareth and Ickonic..... WEBSITES SOCIAL MEDIA, VIDEO AND MUSIC GETTR: TWITTER: GAB: TELEGRAM: MINDS: YOUTUBE: SPOTIFY: Originally broadcast live 10.6.23 Audio Podcast version available on Podbean and all major podcast directories... ⁣ To sign up for our weekly email, find our social media, podcasts, video, livestreaming platforms and more... Please subscribe, like and share! Links to topics discussed... Boris Puberty blockers Gender dysphoria Killer migrant digital health Palm Pay LGBT LGBTQ curriculum Lessons from Muhammad pregnant man Ukrainian Bollywood Universal basic income
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