EXPOSED - another FAT, UGLY, IGNORANT, RACIST Brit talking out of his backside. Council estate trash

2 K Views - Published on 31 Jul, 2022
There are millions more like this idiot in UK (total population 63 million). All they do is read the Daily Star and The Sun and get brainwashed by BBC and ITV and they can't think beyong skin colour. This guy simply hates Rishi Sunak because he is brown and his parents came from india. But that is not the way to choose the next PM of UK. You have to base your decision on what they promise to deliver not on their SKIN COLOUR. Lets be honest. our WHITE leaders have completely destroyed GREAT BRITAIN so far and this fat bastard in the video is too stupid to realise that. It is our own WHITE people who are traitors to our nation and they are all doing it for MONEY. They don't care about us. If you think Liz Truss will bring change, FORGET IT. She is just another lying, corrupt moron and Globalist stooge. We the citizens of UK have to take back control of OUR country now. No leader will do it for us as THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT.


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