RISE WITH BNT 145 | Drag Queen Protests | No Virus | Midazolam Murders | Clive de Carle

17 K Views - Published on 13 Mar, 2023
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⁣▶Doctors Mark Bailey & Kevin Corbett on Covid 19: "There was no virus." ▶Protest: Drag Queen Story Time ▶Michael O'Bernicia: Midazolam & Morphine Murders ⁣▶Prosecuting Rishi Sunak ▶Clive de Carle answers your health questions ▶What should children learn? Your view
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 LdnLady Avatar
LdnLady - 1 year ago
Comments chat not working?

 Adam Shortall Avatar
Adam Shortall - 1 year ago
Would you be better to try get the magnesium from food sources like nuts and seeds?

 Francs Avatar
Francs - 1 year ago
Great show

 Sharon Podmore Avatar
Sharon Podmore - 1 year ago
Sonia, what do you make of the MH370 documentary on Netflix? The missing plane was the event that woke me up and made me start asking questions about the world.

 LdnLady Avatar
LdnLady - 1 year ago
At the beginning, you described a typical Steiner kindergarten. Children are baking bread literally from scratch including growing and milling the grain!

 LdnLady Avatar
LdnLady - 1 year ago
Thanks Clive, excellent…..but what water can we use then in the first place?

 Bibbysgirl Avatar
Bibbysgirl - 1 year ago
Fantastic show today Sonia & Sean shared across all my socials this needs to get out whispers are they are about to start ramping up the scamdemic again 😡🤮🤮

 piglatum Avatar
piglatum - 1 year ago
David Icke worked it out from day one with the very simple point, that you cannot control a real virus and what it does qnd how it spreads, but you can control an imaginary virus, created by tests that can be rigged and misdiagnosis of flu etc as Covid. It is easy for us lay people to understand that part, but we need these sorts of experts to explain the science and technology involved in the scam.

 Logan Ninefingers Avatar
Logan Ninefingers - 1 year ago
Just in case you still have doubts that the governments of various countries were murdering their old and frail.

 Earl Meadows Avatar
Earl Meadows - 1 year ago
I have always been of the belief that the 'virus' has been simply advertising and hype backed up by bogus PCR tests. Now they seem to be pushing the 'lab leak' nonsense, presumably to legitimise their actions and coerced use of an untested 'vaccine' .