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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny | This Week with David Icke

530 Views - Published on 02 Mar, 2023
⁣Limited Release Episode. 24 HOURS to Watch In this episode you will watch a unique interview between Dr T and David Icke, two of the people who have been predicting outcomes and who havd been cancelled, attacked and shamed as conspiracy theorists for over 20 years. What happens now that those predictions have come true and what do they predict will come next as they discuss: -Universal Basic Income -Frequency -Low Vibrational Plan -The Cloud -Perception -Ignorant "Elites" -THEIR worship -The web -One unit Sponsors: Podcast Membership Options: https://drtenpenny.com/membership/ Exclusive Never Before Heard Deep Dive: https://drtenpenny.com/deep-dive-with-david-icke/ 82% OFF first Bottle of PBX Zeolite Metal Detox: https://drtenpenny.thegoodinside.com/pbx-trial-offer-10c2020/ 10% OFF Supplements and Apparel with code PODCAST : https://www.shoptenpenny.com/ up to 66% OFF MyPillow with code: DRT at www.mypillow.com


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