UK Column News

UK Column News - 13th May 2024

3 K Views - Published on 15 May, 2024
⁣Brian Gerrish, Charles Malet, Mark Anderson and Prof. Diane Rasmussen McAdie with today's UK Column News. 00:52 Defence Intelligence—Or Propaganda For War Support? 08:20 MPs Briefed: Any Critical Analysis of Policy = Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories 19:37 Bilderberg 2024 in Spain 27:47 John Swinney Seems To Be Pulling Back From Fornethy Survivors' Redress Scheme Access 34:09 Join The UK Column Community 36:30 Water Security And The World Economic Forum 43:20 Pushback Against The WHO Power Grab Seems to Be Working 48:13 Poor Show At The Scottish Covid Inquiry 55:01 Starlink: Enabling The Right Kind Of War? 59:39 Summer Camp For Big Business Deals Sources:
UK Column Extracts

UK Column Extracts

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