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Proving DrGreers Angel light being was a touched up image for his movie he mistakenly released orig

166 Views - Published on 02 Mar, 2023
⁣#photograph #fraud #analysis How to prove 100 percent a Joshua tree was touched up to hide the tree but make a branch appear to be a human boy angel floating known by frauds in the industry as light beings
TheOutThereChannel _by_Paul_Skinner

TheOutThereChannel _by_Paul_Skinner

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 TheOutThereChannel _by_Paul_Skinner Avatar
TheOutThereChannel _by_Paul_Skinner - 1 year ago
Dr Greer faked a tree limb for a light being angel boy (cupid) I mean this one is Lady in Red see clip1 for other Paul proves it was a camera swing in low light with some touch up - promoted in his CE5 movie why dont Thirdphaseofmoon out him? $$$$ @StevenCambian @tv_gabber #ufotwitter @MalliardReport YouTube